Moon Howler Publishing was launched in early 2019 primarily as a platform for publishing T Jensen Lacey’s “Amazing America” series.  Since the launch, Moon Howler has published “Amazing Texas: Fascinating Facts, Entertaining Tales, Bizarre Happenings and Historical Oddities about the Lone Star State”, and “Amazing Alabama: The Bicentennial Edition.

These two books – as well as several others are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format on the author’s Amazon site:

Hardbacks are available via the author’s website at

Moon Howler Publishing is also active in expanding the publishing platform to include informative articles from different view points on topics such as freedom, frivolity, truly humorous tales of life in nature, growing up, growing old, growing large, and experiential positivity.

Entertaining enlightenment could be stated as a goal – it could – as long as enlightenment doesn’t cost more than our collective sense of humor can allow.

More to come!

But first – please send us some howls!  Our initial foray into our “moon howl collection” is from the toughest gang in our neighborhood!